John Sharpley


Composer, performer, teacher, lecturer, writer

“Set in one beautifully seamless movement comprising six contrasting sections, John Sharpley’s Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra is an astonishingly accessible piece”

- The Straits Times (Singapore)

“... a stream of emotions ... delicate balance ... unique sensation of pure sound that makes Kong aesthetic yet approachable. Sharpley’s eloquence on Emptiness, perhaps a reflection of his own personal and spiritual journey, came across as honest and has left an indelible experience in the void of my senses”

- The Arts Magazine (Singapore)

“The other day I was part of the audience for Maxine Heppner and John Sharpley’s dance and piano performance at the Takara Sake factory in Berkeley, California. The performance was an inspiring, unsettling, beautiful, and haunting series of improvisations and set-pieces, punctuated with sake breaks during which we tasted warm Junmai-shu extra dry sake and cold Nigori-sake, unfiltered and almost thick.”

  1. -by Cate Gable from

  Mindjack (issue 02/01/01)